Aims & Objectives:

To provide relief in food, medicine, improved agricultural items and other relevant aid to victims of natural or man-made disasters through relief advocacy, preparedness, interventions and sustainable rehabilitation/ development.

To create public awareness on relief and development needs through our advocacy & media commissions. The commissions facilitate conferences, workshops, seminars, publications, video documentaries etc

To plan and implement programs in Nigeria & beyond in the area of relief distribution, hunger related disease management, improved agricultural methods, increased crop & animal production, HIV/AIDS & Nutrition, child hunger and mortality reduction, famine & desertification early warnings etc.

To raise funds for the purpose of implementing these aims including relevant development researches.

To serve as a gateway for development advocacy, networking and collaboration with relevant governmental and non-governmental agencies sharing similar objectives.

To initiate and implement projects which significantly contribute locally and internationally to achieving the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) with particular focus on poverty reduction, hunger reduction, Child education & health, women empowerment, water & sanitation/environment, Conflict management & good governance in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

To establish an efficient International Center for Emergencies and Development (InterDev) to serve as a development resource center and Global Relief International headquarters.

To provide, through InterDev, enabling resources and professional advice/consultancy to relevant organizations in relief and development program designing, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation so as to help develop capacity building in Nigeria & beyond.

To send out aid workers to carefully selected fields most critically hit by emergencies, and long term development professionals into poor communities in the least developed countries.

To write and publish literature for the achievement of any and all of these objectives.

To carry out any other project/program that is incidental to the attainment of the aims and objectives of the Mission.