Who should care for the poor? Governments, development partners, Religious faithfuls…who?


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Action With the Poor! Whose Mandate?
A message from the Executive Director

In December 2004 we received a mandate to establish a new African-based and Global-reaching organisation that would accelerate disaster and development aid among the poor beginning immediately from Sub-Saharan Africa and onward to the rest of the world. This mandate gave birth to Global Relief & Development Mission abbreviated Global Relief. Read More...

Martha & Peter (Executive Director and Wife)



Board Chairman's Message

Global Relief and Development Mission (Global Relief) has over the last one year been involved in several partnerships with different organisations including among others the Plateau State Government/Ministry of Health Rollback Malaria Programme, Mikang local Government Council Water Supply and Sanitation project, Pro-Health International, Jos and the SIM Centre Biblique Niamey, Niger Republic. The area of partnership covers issues of poverty reduction, health care, environment and to economic development. Read More...



Mr. Joseph Abereoran

Board of trustees Chairman


Mr. Andrew Gwaivangmin

Board of Governors Chairman



Foundations for Sustainable Development

A message from the board of trustees chairman

The challenges of global social and economic development have become more pressing across the world especially on the African continent and less developed regions of the world. We have less than eight (8) years to meet the targets of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) agreed upon at the UN Millennium Summit in 2000. current realities and recent assessment of progress made at the country level (especially in Africa, and Nigeria as the most populous black nation) shows that there difficulties not only in gaining the necessary momentum but also in the institutional capacities to deliver the required services. Read More...

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